Western Ringtail Possum

Did you know the western ringtail possum is now critically endangered under the WA Wildlife Conservation Act (1950), this is only one step away from extinction!

There is fewer than 8000 Western Ringtail Possums now left in a very small area of Western Australia, we are incredibly lucky that Dunsborough and Busselton have populations of ringtail possums.

There are more Orang-utans and Elephants in the wild than there are ringtail possums!

We want to rehabilitate as many orphans, sick, injured and displaced possums as we can,

we work closely with other groups to help regenerate land suitable for use as release sites for the Western Ringtail Possum.

In order to carry out our efforts we need public support with supplies such as milk, pouches, incubators, heat pads, feed bowls, toilet rolls, puppy training pads, next boxes, aviaries, cages, trees and seedlings.

As well as help at events such as weeding, planting trees and putting next boxes in trees.

Why do Possums come into care?

Possums come into care for a variety of reasons,

we receive lots of orphans who are found on the ground, often in very bad condition and severely dehydrated.

You can help an orphan by getting it to your nearest vet (you will not be charged), calling the wildcare helpline or calling us.

In the meantime, keep the possum as dark and quiet as you can, do not feed an orphan possum. They have a very weak stomach and become sick very quickly when fed inappropriate foods.

Dehydrated possums who have been unable to find a water source.

You can help, not just possums but all wildlife by leaving water out for them.

Displaced possums who's home and habitat have been destroyed, unfortunately habitat destruction is a huge issue for ringtail possums who's main diet is peppimint leaves.

You can help by making your garden possum friendly, plant some native plants and trees, put up a possum box and leave out water for wildlife.

Possums injured by cats and dogs.

This is becoming more and more of a problem you can help by keeping pets in at night and closely supervising them in the garden.

Possums hit by cars.

You can help by getting them to a vet urgently as they will need medical assistance.

You can also help by checking roadkill pouches, sometimes there are joeys still in the pouch!

Possums found on the ground near BBQs - these almost always have burnt feet from accidently walking across hot BBQs

You can help these by seeking vet treatment please take to the closest vet - there is a list on the wildcare app.

You can also help by supervising BBQs and fires until they are cold, or covering BBQs with a lid.

Possums found on the ground during the day - these guys often need help possibly from any reason above if you find a possum on the ground during the day its a really good idea to call the wildcare helpline for advice.

If you find a possum needing help its really important to keep a note of the exact location you found it and what it was doing at the time - this really helps vets and carers treat the possum and return it back to its habitat.


Western Ringtail Possum.

The western ringtail possum is a shy animal that is rarely seen on the ground.

Ringtail possums spend most of their time in trees, particularly in the canopy of peppimint trees and woodland and eucalypt forests. They feed on leaves and like to forage for food at night they are nocturnal.

They build nests or resting places called ‘dreys’ from the foliage and also use tree hollows.

In urban areas ringtail possums will live in roof spaces of houses, sheds and other buildings and eat garden plants including roses and fruit trees.


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